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Trying on clothes, drawing on beards for top lols and testing out the kooky fish-eye filter was a weekend well spent. but now, in our current technological climate, where everyone takes pictures of their every move, it has become clear that the modest webcam pic was all good practice for the era of Instagram and Snapchat.

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She was first to appear on tonight's show, which saw the contenders viciously whittled down as part of the six chair challenge. Just to think of the thousands of people who queued up to audition and I'm just a normal girl from Hull born and bred, and here I am through to judges houses.He said: "When the guy first came in, he had a beer and a few other small things, but when he tried to pay, he tried to pay with two Euros."One of the girls behind the till told him, 'Sorry, but we don't accept Euros.' "Then a few minutes later, one of his friends tried to buy the same things again with the other worker, but we told them they can't buy anything with Euros.It was initially suggested that it be located near Hull Wind 1, but after concerns were expressed by nearby residents over having two in close proximity, the new Vestas V80 1.8 MW wind turbine was installed on a landfill to the east, away from Pemberton Point, and began operation in May 2006.That’s classic Charley, the most unpretentious sporting star you could wish to meet."To me it's not just about me either, I am doing this for Hull." More news: Hull City fan wins 'great respect' from Liverpool FC supporters for his tribute The six chair challenge saw contenders perform to a live audience for the first time in the show in a pre-recorded episode at Wembley Arena.After each candidate's performance their mentor decided if they deserved one of the six coveted seats.With that massive fringe swept perfectly across one eye and a pose that screamed desperation – the webcam countdown would allow you a few seconds to really hone in on a look that would make people wish they’d been round yours for all the fun.Then there was the ‘I went to the Apple store at Westfield and all I got was this casual but cool webcam pic’, which was arguably the biggest effort to make in the world of webcam."Then the first guy started going crazy and throwing things everywhere, yelling at me, 'Why don't you f****** go back to your country?'" More news: Hull student earned up to £150 a day as webcam girl selling sex online Mr Ali added: "He started leaving, but when he got to the door he started smashing the glass door with both his fists until it smashed.

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