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She opted for a set recreating via simple multi-levelled chipboard panels a town square (suspended between De Chirico's mysterious squares and M. Escher's illusions) where people of different social status and backgrounds meet (well, that's her vision since, usually, most of us don't really mingle with people sitting in the front row...).Maybe Miuccia thought these detachable pieces could be a greater solution to cumbersome coats, especially with global warming (though expect the collars and lapels to be as expensive as entire coats if they will ever be sold separately...).But remember: your new Male Companion is more than just a meal ticket or the father of your children. That’s why we’ve created this user’s guide to the Male body—a step-by-step manual (and we use the word manual advisedly) on how to operate your new Male’s controls, to enhance his enjoyment and your own.WARNING: some readers may resent the suggestion that they have to pay any attention to the physical maintenance and satisfaction of their Male.Regular and frequent attention is critical, whether you take it in for full service or just perform a simple manual check.

But a new book by author Ray Moynihan titled “Sex, Lies and Pharmaceuticals: How Drug Companies Are Bankrolling the Next Big Condition for Women,” questions whether we really need to improve our sex drives at all.

The no-liquids rule on airplanes that has forced many of us to check our toiletry-filled suitcases may soon be a thing of the past.

The International Civil Aviation Organization announced they are researching technology that could detect liquid explosives, and they hope the technology can be implemented within two years, rendering the ban on liquids and gels unnecessary.

And two of the most lusty brands, Abercrombie & Fitch and American Apparel, are paying attention.

Take Abercrombie: Under the direction of former CEO Mike Jeffries, the once-sluggish all-American clothing retailer became a sales juggernaut during the ’90s.

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