Xbmc not updating tv shows

Okay I tried following your steps for uploading the log.

I had all the characters going across the top and recreated the error I had.

reinstalled, it finds all movies fine, and even updated when i added a new movie, tv shows updated, but still failed to find the shows i have detailed here. My library has all the .nfo's and tbn's that have been exported by xbmc previously on Camelot builds, so I know they library can be scanned properly.

What could be going on here, and how might i fix it? Did a rescan last night on the latest nightly and for many of my series such as Rescue Me, True Blood, and Entourage the current seasons were not being picked up for some reason.

The scraping process to build the library in XBMC is very fast as all the metadata is local on my NAS, (inside the folder with the media file). I use Media Companion to scrape and populate folders NOT in the XBMC library path, when complete, I move the folders into the XBMC library path, restart XBMC and it picks up the new content with auto update.

It looks like they're updating on the 1 channel site though? Could there be a setting on my system or something that could/would prevent it from updating the new shoes? I go to one channel, pick a show to watch and then select the stream and it won't stream.

It'll says something along the line of link resolver failed, or link removed.

I am using tvdb scraper so it could be an issue with that.

Always read the XBMC online-manual, FAQ and search the forum before posting.

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