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“I wanted to learn how to code but knowing how my brain works I'd only be able to do it if I was interested in the project - that's where Star Trek came in.

Little did I know it would become so successful,” he said. “We get on average people spending two hours a week chatting with other members.

The search system, which has more than 150 combinations, helps people “scan” for their partner and is one of Bird’s favorite parts of the site. That's staggering when you stop to think about it,” said Bird.

Bird met his own wife on the site, two days after she joined.

" Millions of users have already signed up, Bird said.Are you a Trekkie searching the galaxy over for that special someone? Thanks to PYY, who's never used a dating site before but doesn't judge those who have unless their profile pictures are just their privates. Then look no further, because you are gonna find THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE at Trekkie Dating. But who cares -- check out all the intergalactic hotties in my area! “That's a great feeling if you are nervous about dating online.If you're looking for the perfect redshirt to snuggle with under a USS Enterprise blanket while watching "Star Trek" reruns, you're in luck.This website bills itself as, “The internet’s only dating site exclusively for those who have passed away, but not gone away.” Question: if ghost dating leads to marriage, does the preacher still say “Till death do you part? Seriously, if your potential mate is such a control freak that they demand gluten-free nookie, do you really think they’re going to put up with that weird nose noise thing you do in your sleep? ”How many times have you wasted a perfectly good first date only to find out the other person does not like hot sauce? From what I hear, only “hotheads” use this service, and the often get “burned” by other members. What are the differences between people that follow the Force, and those who consider themselves “Trekkies”?How prevalent are they on e Harmony, and is there a difference in their online dating experiences based on this preference?This included their ability to make others laugh, enjoying jokes made by others, and seeing humour in everyday life.With all the ‘Star Wars’ spoofs on the internet, this finding really didn’t surprise me. Politics Female fans of ‘Star Trek’ were found to be more liberal than female ‘Star Wars’ fans (no differences were found between males). Sexual Desire and Attraction Overall, ‘Star Wars’ fans placed greater importance on physical and sexual compatibility between themselves and their prospective partners.

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