Dating someone with childhood trauma

FB LIVE: 1/15; Dating Someone w/Childhood Trauma Learn to overcome the toxic behaviors due to trauma experienced as a child.If you are having trouble in dating or keeping an emotionally healthy relationship; the inability to handle your triggers; and these other negative responses, could be the reasons. Contact me for a FREE Coaching Strategy session through my website, If you decide to actively request help, you could try to screen for certain factors that might indicate that a particular person would be relatively safe to hail—for example, a man or woman who appears to be riding with his or her young children.Even if you picked at random, without looking for indicators of potentially safe helpers, you would be statistically less likely to pick a sociopath relative to the likelihood that a sociopath might pick you when he or she witnesses your obvious state of vulnerability.

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This person might go from one ill-fated relationship to the next or avoid romantic and sexual relationships altogether — usually for a finite period (weeks, months or years), though occasionally he or she swears off relationships forever.

Often the relationship seems to start out well, with an intense emotional attraction leading to a deeply felt (but in reality, superficial) connection.

But, after a short time, the intimacy avoidant person starts to feel alternately trapped or bored or smothered, then starts a pattern of over-focusing on the new partner’s shortcomings and begins to disengage.

That’s something that probably could have benefited us all.

It’s also something that other parents who are raising kids while still dealing with the lingering effects of their childhood trauma may want to consider doing since parenting is already a hard enough job as it is.

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